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200gsm Synthetic Paper:

This ultra-smooth satin/matt poster paper is made of highly durable polypropylene. A strong and tear resistant material, it has high water resistance and wipes clean with ease, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Producing super sharp imagery, this stock holds ink with great precision and will not yellow when exposed to UV rays. This high res poster is slightly transparent making it suitable for lightbox application.

250gsm Poster Paper:
Our 250gsm high definition poster paper has a low gloss finish. Only suitable for indoor use, this paper is highly scratch resistant and allows colours to stand out and appear vividly. It’s the perfect option for clients looking for an economy poster paper.

440gsm Blockout Poster:

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this high definition polypropylene matt finish poster is both waterproof and has a high UV resistance. Its high tensile yarn is designed to provide strength and durability while also resulting in low curl. It has a vibrant white front and grey blockout backing.

Available Sizes: Roll Up A00, Roll Up A0, Roll Up A1, Roll Up A2, Roll Up A3. Custom sizes available.

Standard Turn Around: 3 working days